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How To Get Darth Revans Robes

Dec 17, 2012  · A preview of the in game wearable version of Revan’s Mask and Robes

You can’t get Revan’s mask, but you can get his robes near the very end of the game from a computer on the starforge. … If u want to get robes for ur entire party, …

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Darth Revan’s robes were aptly named for being the usual wear of Revan during his time as a Sith Lord, … Darth Revan. Physical and technical specifications. Color …

Sep 06, 2012  · Possible to get Revan’s robes in Swtor? … is it possible to get the same Robes, gloves, etc, that REVAN has in this game? … Darth Max. AshlaBoga: …

If you’re wondering how to get Darth Revan robes in KOTOR, it’s easy if you meet both of the requirements for them.

KOTOR (DS) 148 – Darth Revan’s Robes – YouTube – Dec 12, 2008  · … I can also create long-awaited ‘Darth Revan’s Robes’ (Dark Side only) … KOTOR Purple Darth Revan Robes with Battle sequence – Duration: 2:07.

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