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How To Add Dictionary To Outlook 2003

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Jun 21, 2012  · Hello, I have just upgraded 20 users from Outlook 2000 to Outlook 2003, and one of them now gets the above mentioned error when starting Outlook. Ass …

True Outlook mass email tool Send hundreds of messages as easy as one email! Personalized emails in Outlook Make your mailouts really personalized!

Acronym Definition; SXS: Symptoms (medical shorthand) SXS: Sodium Xylene Sulfonate: SXS: Step-by-Step Switch (telecommunications) SXS: St. Xavier’s School (India)

The default dictionary where you store your own words in is in a file called CUSTOM.DIC. You can edit it from within Outlook or by directly opening it in Notepad.

How to add and remove words in custom dictionary in Outlook? Normally when you type a special name in an email message, for example the Kutools for Outlook, it will …

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